Bus Ceiling Camera


Child safety low profile 360 degree ceiling camera for school bus or contractor pupil transportation with fisheye lens can help document child vandalism, graffiti, seat cusion damage and cutting of vehicle seat covers.

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Child Safety Ceiling Camera

One constant drain on the budgets of school district transportation departments is the vandalism the school bus seats suffer from students on the bus writing on (graffiti) the seats, the wall of the bus and the windows, as aside from the obscenities or hateful comments, gang tags they my deface the bus with, is the cost to clean the surfaces they have defaced.

Regardless of what the you call it if they write on or deface the seat:
bus seat graffiti
bus seat writing
school bus seat graffiti
school bus seat writing

Much more important is when children are cutting the vinyl seat backs and tearing the protective seat covers to the point they must be replaced at a considerable expense to the district in funding as well as the labor time to remove the vandalized seat covers and replace the damaged seat cover with a new cover. 

Regardless of what the you call it if they cut, slash and damage the seat cover of the foam underneath it:
school bus child seat vandalism
school bus child seat cutting
student seat cutting
student seat vandalism
child vandalizing school bus seats
student vandalizing school bus seats

Compounding the problem, is the school bus passengers can then do the same exact thing to the new seat vinyl cover, and the worst part is that it is questionable who actually did the damage as the seats have 2 or three school bus students owe seat, so unless the non-vandalizing party speaks up it is questionable who actually is guilty of the crime. 

Implementation of a Child Safety low profile ceiling camera in the school bus can provide a extremely wide angle 360 degree Field of view video coverage that can show who is doing what in the vehicle, making differentiation of guilty and not guilty a much easier task when the incident is captured on video files.

Child Safety Ceiling Camera